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Yancheng Yandu District, Jiangsu

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Jiangsu Yiguangyi Trading Co., Ltd. adheres to the development oriented by scientific innovation, assumes the responsibility of building a world-renowned brand and revitalizing the national grinding and abrasive tool industry, increases technological investment, and accelerates the research and development of high-tech products.

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  • Respond promptly

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    Timely response: Enterprises should respond to customer issues and needs in a timely manner, making customers feel valuable.

  • Professional answers

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    Professional answer: Employees of customer service enterprises must possess professional product knowledge and answering skills, and provide accurate answers to customer questions.

  • Effective communication

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    Effective communication: Employees of customer service enterprises must be good at communication, able to establish good communication relationships with customers, listen to their needs, and provide useful suggestions.

  • Timely resolution of issues

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    Timely problem-solving: The company must resolve customer issues as soon as possible to make customers feel that their issues have been appropriately addressed.

  • Service after selling goods for a stated period

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    Tracking services. Enterprises should provide customer problem tracking services, understand customer usage and feedback, and make timely improvements and optimizations.

  • After sales Service guarantee guarantee

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    After sales Service guarantee: The enterprise shall provide reliable after-sales Service guarantee guarantee, such as maintenance, return, exchange, etc. D Enable customers to have greater confidence and sense of security when using the product.

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High quality service

The grinding wheel manufacturing laboratory is very important because it can provide high-quality grinding wheels and tools for industry and manufacturing. The laboratory can test and evaluate materials, understand their strength, hardness, impact toughness, and other characteristics, and select the best materials for production. In addition, the laboratory can also engage in the design and manufacturing of grinding wheels by applying advanced manufacturing technologies to achieve efficient and economical production. The laboratory can also conduct grinding wheel performance testing and quality control to ensure that the grinding wheel meets customer specifications and requirements, thereby providing high-quality grinding wheels and tools for industry and manufacturing.

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The factory has fixed production equipment and work flow, which can improve production efficiency by operating workers and machines. 

High production efficiency

The factory can strictly control the quality of the products during the processing to ensure that the products are qualified.

Quality controllable

First class support

Production of different products: Factories can produce different types of products to meet the different needs of customers.

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The Way of How to Operate the Wheel

Grinding machine is one of the most commonly used machinery and equipment in machinery factories. Whether it is installed reasonably, whether it meets the safety requirements; whether it is used correctly, whether it complies with the safe operation regulations. These issues are directly related to the personal safety of every employee, so we must pay enough attention to the actual use.

Processing Method of Numerical Control Grinder

Centerless grinding machines are mainly used for processing centerless cylinders, cones, spheres, conical surfaces and centerless holes. In practical applications, it is suitable for many fields such as aviation, aerospace, automobiles, and electronics.