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The Way of How to Operate the Wheel 

Release time:2023-05-25

1. Matters needing attention in the use of grinding wheel


 Grinding machine is one of the most commonly used machinery and equipment in machinery factories. Whether it is installed reasonably, whether it meets the safety requirements; whether it is used correctly, whether it complies with the safe operation regulations. These issues are directly related to the personal safety of every employee, so we must pay enough attention to the actual use.


1. Precautions during installation


 Positioning problem Where to install the grinder, we must first consider the problem during the installation process. Only when a reasonable and suitable location is selected can we carry out other work. It is forbidden to install the grinder directly facing the nearby equipment and operators or places where people often pass by. Generally, a special grinder room should be set up in a larger workshop. If it is indeed impossible to set up a dedicated grinder room due to the terrain constraints of the plant, a protective baffle with a height of not less than 1.8m should be installed on the front of the grinder, and the baffle must be firm and effective.


 Balance problem The unbalance of the grinding wheel is mainly caused by the inaccurate manufacture and installation of the grinding wheel, which makes the center of gravity of the grinding wheel not coincide with the rotary axis. The harm caused by imbalance mainly manifests in two aspects. On the one hand, when the grinding wheel rotates at a high speed, vibration is caused, which may easily cause polygonal vibration marks on the surface of the workpiece; even cause accidents. Therefore, it is required that the sand office building with a diameter greater than or equal to 200mm should be statically balanced after the chuck is installed, and the static balance should be repeated after the grinding wheel has been trimmed or found to be unbalanced during work.

 Matching problem The matching problem mainly refers to the matching problem of chuck and grinding wheel installation. According to the requirements of the standard, the diameter of the grinding wheel chuck should not be less than 1/3 of the diameter of the sand office building to be installed, and the corresponding regulations stipulate that when the grinding wheel is worn to a diameter 10mm larger than the diameter of the chuck, a new grinding wheel should be replaced. In this way, there is a problem of matching the chuck and grinding wheel. Otherwise, the "big horse-drawn cart" will cause waste of equipment and materials; the "small horse-drawn cart" will not meet the safety requirements, which will easily cause personal accidents. Therefore, the chuck and the grinding wheel are reasonably matched, on the one hand, it can save equipment and cut materials; on the other hand, it meets the requirements of safe operation. In addition, a cushion with a diameter 2mm larger than the diameter of the chuck and a thickness of 1mm~2mm should be installed between the grinding wheel and the chuck.


 Protection problem The most important protective device of the grinding machine is the protective cover. Its function: when the grinding wheel is damaged due to work, it can effectively cover the grinding wheel fragments and ensure the safety of personnel. There are two types of grinding wheel guards, round and square, and the maximum opening angle is not allowed to exceed 90°; the material of the guard is steel with a tensile strength of not less than 415N/mm2. When replacing a new grinding wheel, the protective cover must be installed firmly and reliably, and the protective cover must not be disassembled or discarded at will. One of the main protective accessories of the screen plate grinder, this device must be installed when the opening above the horizontal plane of the main shaft of the protective cover is greater than or equal to 30 (. Its main function is to block the flying noise during the grinding process, so as not to hurt the operator. It is installed on the protective cover The positive end of the cover opening should be wider than the width of the grinding wheel protective cover, and should be firmly fixed on the protective cover. In addition, the gap between the circumferential surface of the grinding wheel and the baffle plate should be less than 6mm.

 Bracket problem Bracket grinder is one of the commonly used accessories. According to the regulations, the grinder with a diameter of 150mm or more must be equipped with an adjustable bracket. The distance between the grinding wheel and the bracket should be less than 1/2 of the smallest shape of the workpiece to be ground, but the maximum should not exceed 3mm.


 Grounding problem The grinder uses power lines, so the equipment casing must have a good grounding protection device. This is also one of the important factors that can easily cause accidents.


2. Precautions during use


 Side Grinding Problems In the daily use of grinders, we often find that some operators randomly use the side of the grinding wheel for grinding regardless of the type of grinder or the type of grinding wheel, which seriously violates the safety operation regulations and illegal operations. According to the regulations, it is not suitable to use the grinding wheel with the circumferential surface as the working surface for grinding on the side. This kind of grinding wheel has a large radial strength and a small axial strength. When the operator uses too much force, it will cause the grinding wheel to break or even hurt people. The actual use process should be This behavior is prohibited.