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Heavy Duty Grinding Wheel for Steel Grinding

Heavy Duty Grinding Wheel for Steel Grinding

The technical features of heavy load roughing include:

(1) High grinding pressure,grinding wheel speed

and metal removal rate, high grinding power, which requires the machine to have sufficient stiffness and strength;

(2) Heavy load grinding wheel with high strength,high hardness and coarse grain size is used.Generally,resin binder and high toughness abrasives such as brown corundum, microcrystalline corundum,sintered corundum and zirconium corundum are used,with super-hard hardness, and the grinding wheel does not need dressing.

(3) Adopt dry grinding method


1. Good cutting effect: The cutting force of the heavy-duty grinding wheel is greater than that of the ordinary grinding wheel, which has a good cutting effect and can remove the material on the surface of the workpiece more quickly. 2. Long service life: Since the heavy-duty grinding wheel has stronger wear resistance and higher wear resistance, it can maintain its cutting ability for a longer time, thereby increasing its service life. 3. Fast cutting speed: The heavy-duty grinding wheel has excellent stability and high-speed cutting speed, which can complete more work in a short time in the workshop. 4. It can adapt to a variety of processing materials: it has a wider range of applications and can be used to process various materials, including metal, glass, stone, ceramics, etc. To sum up, heavy-duty grinding wheels are gradually being widely used in high-precision machining and high-difficulty machining due to their excellent cutting effect, long life and wider applicability.

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