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Vitrified Grinding Wheel

Vitrified Grinding Wheel

 A ceramic grinding wheel is a grinding wheel made of ceramic abrasives and has the following advantages:

1. Good wear resistance: The hardness of the ceramic abrasive is very high, so the wear resistance of the ceramic grinding wheel is very strong, and it can maintain the service life and grinding efficiency of the grinding wheel for a long time.

2. Efficient cutting: The cutting efficiency of the ceramic grinding wheel is high, which can speed up the production efficiency and improve the processing quality.

3. Good thermal stability: The thermal stability of ceramic abrasive is relatively strong, so the ceramic grinding wheel can still maintain effective grinding ability under high temperature environment.

4. Not easy to jam: Due to the uniform distribution of abrasive grains and poor adhesion of the ceramic grinding wheel, it is not easy to jam and block, which can ensure the stability and continuity of the processing process.

5. Chemical corrosion resistance: Ceramic abrasives have good chemical corrosion resistance, even if the lubricating fluid corrodes, it will not have much impact on the grinding wheel.

To sum up, the ceramic grinding wheel is a high-efficiency grinding wheel with stable performance, good wear resistance, good thermal stability, not easy to jam and chemical corrosion resistance. It is widely used in the field of high-precision processing of metal, glass, ceramics and other materials.

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